Library's Streaming Media Project

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Due to copyright restrictions, the streaming media content is accessible only on-campus.

The Library's goal is to create a well-rounded online collection of videos accessible on computers anywhere on-campus including in Smart Classrooms. With the increased number of Smart Classrooms on-campus, faculty members can very easily show the video in the class from the computer's desktop.

For more information, please contact Eric Moy, (718) 482-5435, or click here to report a problem.

Screenshot of the search page
This is the search page. The user can find videos by title or keyword, and then click on the link to play the video.

Screenshot of the video playing
This is the playback page. The user can control the video playback with the following commands on the taskbar:

  • Play / Pause the video
  • Stop the video
  • Jump to a different part of the video
  • Turn on / off optional closed-captions
  • Change screen mode (Normal, Full screen)
  • Change the volume